To friends and supporters of Hamm missions,

Greetings to each of you!  We Hamms returned from Thailand a month ago and will go back on May 10, 2010.  I am scheduled to do a "Leaders For Jesus Lectureship" in Chaing Mai, Thailand in the Northwest -- 1,000 miles from where we normally labor in the Northeast, as soon as we arrive in Thailand.

We will then travel to Burma and on to Pyay -- 4 hours from Yangon to conduct a Bible School there.  We normally have 40 - 50 in these schools with about a third being Buddhist, a third from denomations, and a third from churches of Christ.

Our Leaders Bible School in Northeast Thailand has completed a study of all 66 books in the bible -- from Feb., 2004 - Feb. 2010.  Elders and deacons have been appointed in three provinces in the Northeast and we pray that more congregations in Thailand will do the same. 

After supporting our mission work for the past 7 years, some have seen the need to stop their support.  We are in need of others stepping up to pick up the slack.  The enclosed Newsletter will remind us all of the continued efforts going forth in this mission work and the need to support it.

We Hamms have printed the first Volume of our book, "Into All the World" and will soon take Volume II to print.  All monies donated toward the printing of these books will go toward supporting this mission work.  See directions for ordering on page four of the enclosed Newsletter.  Thanks for your interest!

In Christian love,

Daniel & Kathy Hamm

Missionaries in Thailand

Work overseen by Nance Church of Christ, Alamo, Tn